Umbrella the Saviour(12)

Thus passed a few years. In matter of time he became the grandparent.After his retirement, he used to spend his time with the youngest member  of his family.He was trying his utmost to bring up hi…

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Umbrella the Saviour(12)

Thus passed a few years. In matter of time he became the grand parent.After his retirement, he used to spend his time with the youngest member  of his family.He was trying his utmost to bring up his grandson in the best possible manner.In the morning he would go out for morning walk .Of course this time his old umbrella accompanied him all the way.

His main duty of the day was to take his grandson to school and bring him back. The neighbours,the onlookers,the pedestrians watched these two friends of different ages passing in jolly mood  and discussing something.In summer or rain  one could see the old man walking with one hand holding the umbrella and  the other lending to the boy. There grew a pure,sacred friendship between them.Then one day the youngest member of the family insisted on celebrating the sixty six birthday of the oldest member of the family.

Though it was a   small affair as the members of the family didn’t  show any interest in celebrating the day in a big manner,a few of his friends, some neighbours were invited.And  almost all gave the ‘birthday” boy” some presents.

The whole day passed in joy,fun, food and happy mood. In the evening, the family members gathered on the drawing room to see all the gifts .Some presented him books,some shirts,some gave him pens as he used to write articles  for newspapers.When everyone was busy watching the gifts,his grandson left the place and soon returned with a packet. “Dadu,many,many happy returns of this day.Happy birthday to you,Dadu,”said the boy.”Thank you,” the old man replied in a wide smile while receiving the colourful packet.But everyone’s eyes were on the packet as those curious eyes were waiting to see the surprise.And when all discovered that it was nothing but an umbrella, they were happy.But it was an emotional moment for the old man. He could not hold his tears when he saw the most expensive gift of the day to him.  He embraced his grand child.The boy also asked,”Do you like this little gift ?”

“Yes, yes, I like your gift so much,my darling.” It seemed that tears  flooded the shoulder of the boy.

(To Be Continued)



Umbrella The Saviour(11)

Minutes had passed before he was awakened by  one of his neighbours,who was fully aware of his recent illnesses .He was stupendously surprised to see him sitting in such a  dilapidated condition. He brought  him back his home. Hearing  everything from that generous neighbour,  his aunt became too worried about him.

However, in the afternoon when he felt better and began to watch the tv news, she slipped into that neighbor’s house to idle away the time. She was a bit surprised when she saw her packing bags.But something more was waiting  for her.Sooner she discovered the truth and became stunned when she was informed that the woman’s family was leaving for Mumbai as her husband was transferred there.Now everything was clear to the old woman .

It brought a mixed feeling in her.In one way she was unhappy that she was U to lose  a good ,sympathetic, well-behaved neighbour. On the other hand she was happy  that this separation would do a world of good to her only nephew who, according to her, would  now be able to concentrate on his business.Hardly had the sun risen on the next day when the whole family left the house bag and baggage.

Next few days appeared like years for  Madan Mohan babu who had to fight hard to adjust to her absence.But Time is a great healer .Gradually he was accustomed to this situation.He got married .Life progressed for him, for both.

Then suddenly   he met  her and the old memories revived.He was rewinded to those days.

(To be continued)




Umbrella The Saviour(10)

The next two days seemed  two months to these  two  worried souls as both of them were spending some anxious moments to meet each other  but none  was  at all ready to cross the boundary  the marriage of the woman had erected between them.Finally  the  souls came across each  other  on the third day .

It was a rainy day .Madan Mohan babu was on his way to the market to buy some vegetables .And she was returning from  the market after buying some flowers for worshipping god in her family. As the road was water – logged,both were moving slowly.Suddenly they met.The eyes  were elated,the heart was throbbing.A strange feeling gripped the souls for some seconds.The union of two souls was only witnessed  by the umbrellas they were holding .Before it was too late the woman willingly broke the stalemate and smilingly asked,”How are you now?”

“Fine and you?”he reciprocated.

“So,so.But why have you come out of home on such a rainy day?”

“For you,”he unconsciously answered.


He hastily collected himself and tried to clarify”No,in fact I was searching for you to know the condition of your child.I hope, he is ok now.”

“Yes,he is normal.Now you should take care of you .Otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?”he  questioned in wonder.

“Otherwise, I would stop talking to you.”

“Really?he wanted to know with a smile. Her smile was her reply.They   started  moving on the opposite sides.From the next day  onwards  he used to walk on that way during that particular time only to meet the desired soul.Two days later the  chance came.

It was  a sunny,  blazing day.He was going to the market.Suddenly he saw her coming in quick steps.An air of worriedness covered her face.Before he could ask her the reason,she said,”But I have a news to give you.”

“News?News to me? Is it good or bad?”he asked in confusion.

“I don’t know whether it’s good or bad you but certainly  an unexpected news for me.”

“Unexpected news! What  has happened? Please tell me quickly.”

“My husband has been transferred to Mumbai Head Office.We are leaving  tomorrow,”she chockingly  said.

“Tomorrow?Mumbai?”He couldn’t believe his ears.It was a bolt from the blue.Soon she left the place.And he  sat on a road -side bench.

(To Be Continued)




Umbrella The Saviour(9)


As soon as she called her ,she came and was more than happy to see her son’s normal sense.Before he could tell her anything, she began to praise her,”Had she not   come in time that day,I might not get you back,my son.”

The woman wanted to stop her but she continued ,”Not only had she called a doctor timely,but she continued your nursing also.This present life of yours is certainly given by her.”

“Thanks, my new goddess,” uttered he gratefully from the core of his heart.

“No,no,it’s my duty.More importantly it counts nothing in comparison with what you had done for my son.I would remain grateful to you for ever.”

She continued,”Even the doctor   admitted that if Raja was given the medicines half an hour late,his life would have been in certain danger.”

He claimed,”Anybody could come forward to do  the same,especially when the patient is such a minor.”He closed his eyes.Then began to think over the truthfulness of her words.Indeed, what she said was right.Whatever he had done that afternoon was surely due to his special soft corner for this young woman.But alas!He can not say anything about this to anybody.Whatever the situation is ,one thing was clear that the keen will power encouraged him to take the huge  risk of going out in such an inclement weather.And he was so happy for this as it gave him a golden opportunity of spending some heavenly moments with his dream woman.

On the other hand ,she was staring at his closed eyes  and was pondering over the future of her fondness for this young man .She could  hardly gauge the depth of his love for her but could easily felt the situation he was in at that time.

But one was sure  that both of them were fixed on one point .And it was that none would ever cross the border the society had marked for each of them.Neither had she ever imagined to plant  the thought of leaving her family or making an illicit relationship with another man ;nor he’d ever thought of distracting the lady from the family she was dedicated to.

Both of them prayed always to the Almighty so that each could see other smiling, and leading a good life.This was an ideal example of platonic love .

When all of this was going on in their minds  ,the old woman broke the silence and said,”Do You know,my son,why she had come to our house that evening?”


“To return your umbrella,” she continued.”It was my sheer luck that she came at that time ,otherwise I don’t know what would happen to you.Thanks God.”

“My umbrella? But as far as I could remember ,I brought it,” he tried to explain.

“Yes, you’re right but you had mistakenly  brought my umbrella.”

“Oh!sorry” he demanded an apology.

.”Nothing to be sorry. “Now I’m going.Take care of you.Bye”

She gradually disappeared through the main gate.And he expressed his heart- felt gratitude to God for giving him an umbrella that gave birth to a new ,selfless friendship in which only one thing matters– to see other happy,smiling in entire life.